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The elasticity of POLY STAR tennis strings are engineered to have the same characteristic as that of a natural gut string. Energy dampening and absorption is not dependent on string material but rather on the racquet frame and the energy transmitted by the arm. In Physics, the static weight and mass of an object determines its vibration dampening properties. An object with a higher mass has a greater energy absorption properties and the opposite is true. Tennis elbow is caused by excess shock energy your arm and body is unable to tolerate. This energy is transmitted to the body from the mechanical motion of both the racquet and the arm. The string only transfers energy from the impact when the ball makes contact on the strings. All POLY STAR tennis strings are particularly suitable for players with tennis elbow problems.

The stringing stress (stringing weight) varies from each individual player. A string weight of up to 35-40 kg is possible for all POLY STAR strings.

The light film coating on POLY STAR strings is a uniquely developed water-insoluble compound applied using a special process. This compound reduces the friction intensity at the crossing points in the stringing lattice. This increases the durability and resiliency of the string.

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Team sport has always been very important to us. That is why we grant all team players a 30% discount on their order in our online shop. Please enter your player ID when checking out in the shopping basket. The discount is automatically deducted.

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